Great Mini Mixer, Whether Orange Sorbet or Yellow

A Bright Mixer, Whatever Color it is!

This hue is called Orange Sorbet. It’s an awesome mixer, no matter what color it is.

KITCHENAID K45 tilt head mixer Wire Whip Whisk
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Beaterblade  6  Plastic  Mixer Attachment
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Okay, if they say so, orange sorbet it is. But most people would probably say it was gold or yellow colored. I think they made a bit of a misstep by calling it orange sorbet, even though it may actually be the color of orange sorbet.


See, orange sorbet doesn’t really look that orange, but more of a deep yellow. And the hue probably varies from recipe to recipe.

But when you call something ORANGE anything, people are expecting an orange hue. And that ain’t happening with this mixer.

Oh well, it doesn’t matter what they call it. If you like a deep yellow or gold colored mixer, then this is the one for you. If you want bright orange, keep looking.

KitchenAid Mini Mixer Magic

Now this mixer is like all the others in the Artisan mini mixer series. The only difference is the colors, otherwise they are all the same machines.

And this machine will do a good job with any mixing job you have for it.

If you want all the details of what this mixer can or can’t do, and what package deals are available in this color, check out the review page here.

It’s got a lot of information about the mixer to help you decide if it’s the right one for you.

KitchenAid Artisan Mini Mixer Orange Sorbet Review