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Common Replacement Parts For Hobart Mixers



You do a lot of baking and after much research, you’ve decided a Hobart mixer is the best choice for your goals. With a stellar reputation in the commercial kitchen appliance industry assisting food service and the food retail industry for over 100 years, the Hobart line of mixers offer many choices. Depending on your needs, you will find the right one for you. Be it your passion for making bread, specialized dough or your desire to start a catering company, you can be confident a Hobart mixer will last longer than any competitor’s models. Now, despite being well made, normal wear and tear will require one to replace parts for Hobart mixers every once and while. We’ll briefly discuss those parts and how one can minimize the need to do so.

Hobart mixers are made of high quality materials, with efficiency of design a priority. Most models come with swing out stainless steel bowls and guards with focus on 3 speeds to maintain consistency in your desired output. Quick release agitators allow one to easily change accessories when needed with the overall design is made to last. Some parts for Hobart mixers are designed to allow the machine to work longer under duress but understandably suffer from normal wear and tear. One of those pieces would be the fiber gear whose purpose is to stop the arm from rotating under excessive load.

Other parts for Hobart mixers that may need attention are the keys shearing on the shafts, which is also another problem of consistent overloading which can also lead to damage of the main shaft. A good tip for Hobart mixers is to stop the machine completely before switching speeds. This effectively minimizes damage to the gear box and extends the life of your mixer for some time. As one can see by doing any research, Hobart mixers are built to be reliable and long lasting. Common problems stem mostly from overloading so by being aware of this plus following the tip that was mentioned, one can expect to own their Hobart mixer for many years of enjoyment.