Best Selling Compact Washing Machine

If you need a compact washing machine, this one is highly rated!

It will wash about 11 pounds of clothes at a time, the equivalent to something like a pair of jeans and 5 or 6 tee shirts. A compact washer is not meant for big loads of clothes!

It sure beats having to hand wash everything or go to a laundromat. Got to say, I’m an old fogey, but I can remember having something like this when I was in college and we were living in apartments that were nothing more than refurbished barracks. And being on the 2nd floor, it was really nice not to have to tote baskets of clothes up and down the stairs to take to the laundromat.

Thorne Electric - 00-3049-4 - LCK50 Portable Washing Machine
  • Current Price: $193.65
  • Ends: Oct 23, 2017 6:37:31 CDT

Be Aware – It’s A Gravity Drain

One thing you need to understand with this model is that it doesn’t have a pump to pump the water out of the machine when you’re done using it. Instead, the water has to come out be gravity drainage, so you’ve got to have the washing machine up higher than whatever you are draining the used water into.

If you have a utility room with a drain, you’re good to go, but I suspect most people that need a compact washing machine don’t have a utility room.

In that case, one good possibility is to do your washing in the bathroom and let the water drain into a tub or shower stall. You don’t have to leave the washing machine in there of course, since it would probably be in the way. But at 32 pounds, it shouldn’t be that difficult to scoot it out of the way somewhere when it’s not in use.

For people that don’t have space for a regular sized washing machine, this little compact washer would be just the thing!